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July Overview 

This month we invite you to LISTEN to our PODCAST 1, now 5 episodes available. 

This 'silly season' we shine the spotlight on working dogs!

Thomas, our resident journalist, leads with an intriguing account of the duration of the canine human connection in 'timeless hookup'. 


Desmond takes a good look at working dogs in 'service canine style'

 while Diana recalls her childhood experience of Border Collies in 

'border brigade'. 

Steffi  reflects on the POTENTIAL impact of an assistance dog on a human life in  

'unchartered untroubled' 

Eric Lowe provides some good advice on how to deal with summer nasties in 

'elixir for common bites & stings in dogs'

'my pick from archive' is selected by a reader, Jennifer Hewett

The editor talks about our PODCAST perspective in 

'my dogs and me' 

This July 'go from ordinary to extraordinary

'outdoors with your dog and the heron

the water bird who doesn't swim

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top drawer journalist
(podcast 1, episode 3)

PIC Thomas Cantwell is with IAN O'DOHERTY
Image by Juja Han
'sumptuous summer'
by Diana Darcy
(podcast 1, episode 1)
by Alex K Delph 

(podcast 1, episodes 2 & 4)
PIC Juja Han
'unchartered untroubled'
by Steffi Baker
(podcast 1, episode 5)