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January Overview 

This month our resident journalist Thomas evaluates canine little grey cells in

'smart and know it'.  Diana ponders the established human subliminal judgement process in

'where intrigue leads' while Steffi is resolute in 'icicles won't stop us'.


Kritz takes to centre stage for a change with

'new year resolutions drive me barking mad',

'my pick from archive' is selected by Diana Darcy,

a member of the team and

'my dogs and me' comes straight from the horses's mouth by the editor


This January'go from ordinary to extraordinary

'outdoors with your dog and the song thrush'.

'dogs in dublin' is delighted to welcome the first piece written by our local celebrity writer,

John O'Byrne, 'dog man' .  Incidentally, John is also the source of the piece selected by Diana from archive this month!

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