editorial may  2021

I am not innately technical!  I tend to potter around technology until something happens!  My delight at success is usually tempered by not being able to do whatever I just did again!  The concept of it being a useful tool  appeals to me.


I have avoided social media until now.  Primarily because I am an intrinsically private person but equally because I live quietly with nothing to post to the world.


How things have changed since I agreed to be editor of dogs in dublin!  Getting all of the concrete promotional materials together was easy.  Pottered around the internet.  Found what I liked.  Bingo!


On 23rd of March I took one of my dogs to the vet for his annual check up and vaccinations.  I brought along an envelope containing some promotional material.  He was enthusiastic on seeing the logo but things went belly up when it took him all of 5 minutes to find the website!  He said ‘I’m on Facebook now and you’re not there!’ 


The penny dropped.  Now, I have to be there.  Hence, the pottering was upgraded to focused attention as I meandered my way upstream and down around the flood waters of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  I was like a furtive wild animal watching his back while advancing on his prey!  What permissions do I have to give to get where I need to be?  What if I hit the wrong key and post all of my secrets to all in sundry?  How do I cope when  soul destroying negativity sits with me on the sofa of the world?  Will I be gobbled up?


Before the official launch date of the eMagazine, 01 April 2021, I am posting on social media!  Feels good to at last have something to post!

Finally, I'd like to compliment both Agnes and Patricia on the high calibre of snippet they   wrote for the May edition.    It takes talent to say so much  with so little.    Bravo!


dogs in dublin eMagazine is looking for   a techie   familiar with Wix.   

If you   know of such   a  delight   who might be interested in supporting us   technically for a fee, please shout!