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Editor: Bernardine Cantwell
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'...allow me to point you to the new site,'

'Highly recommended if you're a dog lover...'
                       Ian O'Doherty
                         Irish Daily Star, 24/06/21

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editorial july 2021


There is a newness about things now.  The world is opening up again.  We are grateful.


An opportunity to do things differently awaits.  Find new ways of doing old things.


The physical and psychological restrictions that we together with our animals have lived under are lifting. 

Of course,  we aren't entirely confident in the duration of our freedom.  How can we?  Nevertheless, we are excited.


Freshness abounds.  Taking for granted can be no more.  We have seen how little control we actually have.


How can we keep this genuine appreciation of what would have seemed ‘small joys'?


The dog knows the answer.  Live little things now.