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Issue 1  April 2021



Star Sign Aries

Zodiac Symbol ram

Zodiac Element fire

March 20 to April 19

First sign in the zodiac

It is one of the 6 positive signs


Birthstone Diamond


Hardest gemstone made of just one element, carbon

58 times harder than anything in nature

Can only be cut with another diamond


Monthly forecasts can at times provide an insight into weather patterns in the month ahead. However, they should not be used for specific planning purposes as they have generally low skill compared with the 10-day forecast. This is because forecasts beyond one week become increasingly uncertain due to the chaotic nature of the atmosphere. Met Eireann


symbols in order of dominance!

Rain Cloud
Rain Cloud
Fluffy Clouds
Fluffy Clouds
Rain Cloud
Fluffy Clouds
Rain Cloud
Fluffy Clouds
01 - 07 april
08 - 14 april
15 - 21 april
22 - 30 april


Tropical Leaves

wicklow hero

pi5rRr7yT.gif I'm impressed

Jean Francois Bonnet (35) originally from Nice, France, heroically carried the frozen 8 year old golden retriever 10kms down the Wicklow mountains.  He was hiking near the summit with his partner Ciara Nolan (32) when they found Neesha shivering on a rock and unable to walk or bark.  Jean Francois immediately wrapped her up in the spare ski jacket they were carrying.  Prudence propelled them to take the longer but less arduous route home. He slipped and fell a few times.  The couple made a baby sling out of Ciara's scarf to help carry the dog on his back.  At the end of a gruelling 10km trek, they contacted the local ASH animal rescue centre.

O’Shea Goetelen, the Irish Belgian family who live in Aughavannagh, Co Wicklow lost their beloved dog two weeks earlier.  Erina and Serge together with daughter Shannagh (20) and son Caolin (16) were on their way home from a hike in the mountains when their two dogs bolted after deer.  Harley, a German Shepherd, returned the following day.

Irish Independent, February 09 & 10 2021

GRIM ORDEAL: Neesha survived two weeks in this rough terrain PIC Lukas Medvedevas

In short, they love life!

golden retriever

Roy Maynard, of the Golden Retriever Club, assisting January's edition of Your Dog, on the subject of this great family dog explained that the breed is

'A symmetrical and balanced dog; active, powerful and a level mover'.

The Golden Retriever can work as guide dog, assistance dog, search and rescue dog and sniffer dog.

Lifetime is circa 12 years.

Eyes - dark brown, set well apart, dark rims.

Ears - moderate in size.

Head - balanced, well chiselled, wide and deep muzzle.

Feet - round and cat-like.

Hindquarters - strong and muscular.

Coat flat or wavy with good feathering.  Dense water-resistant undercoat. 

Height at withers

Dogs 56 - 61cms

Bitches 51 - 56cms.

PIC Elisa Kennemer

Colour any shade of gold or cream.

Regular grooming procedure to care for the long coat is usually appreciated by the dog.

Character is most endearing. 

Easy to train because they want to please!


PIC Helena Lopes

Three top tips


I love a challenge!  Attitude is delightful but has to be tamed!  


January's edition of Your Dog offers what matters in a nut shell to harness the true spirit of the pup.

SIT - because sitting makes almost everything easier, including putting on and taking off leads and harnesses.  It's also great because your pup can sit instead of practicing unwanted behaviours such as jumping up.


LOOSE LEAD WALKING - because nobody wants to be dragged down the road by their dog.


RECALL - because if your pup comes when you call, exploration, walks and all day-to-day interactions become safer, easier and more pleasurable.

PIC Flouffy month   fun  ways to teach the SIT!

hang your easter bonnet!

...glam puss!


PICS cat, pup below

' opportunity to allow the bees in one's bonnet to buzz even more noisily than usual...'

Hermann Bondi

...nothing shy about me see!

Marilyn's iconic image is posed  by a model

Image by Ja San Miguel
'The dog has seldom been successful in pulling man up to its level of sagacity. 
But man has frequently dragged the  dog down to his.'   
James  Thurber

'Dogs never    bite me.


             Marilyn  Munroe

PIC Jeferson Gomes

Wooden Hut

GRANNY THE WOLF: Did his best to fool Little Red Riding Hood


 BIGFOOT: Paws make a big impression - pic  by Paul Brown

...what big hands    you've    got  !

Illustration J W Smith

At the soul of every dog is the wolf!  Straight away 'Little Red Riding Hood' comes to mind!

Innocence exclaiming 'what big hands you've got'

The wolf retort 'all the better to hold you with my dear!'

'If you’ve ever seen a true wolf paw print, it’s enough to make the hair on your back stand on end, as their average foot size is comparable to an adult human hand, at 4 inches wide by 5 inches long.

'Known as highly intelligent pack animals, wolves have been widely misunderstood through the millennia as wild and deadly beasts. They are the creatures of myth and folklore, often to their detriment.


'The truth is that wolves are extremely social animals that develop very close social bonds with family members and their pack. In fact, wolves observed in the wild often illustrate significant displays of affection and other emotions with each other.'  Peter Davis Krahenbuhl.

Next month the wolf's take on love💕



I have a wonderful friend,

Whose eyes are bright as the sun,

With the earth, he does blend.

He is my only one,

His face as black as coal,

But soul as white as an angel,

His hair as soft as his soul in this house,

He is the archangel,

He’s my big wolfboy.

Though his name is Ash,

He plays with every cat like it was his toy,

And everything he sees, he tries to smash,

He’s just a little puppy who loves to dash.

His kisses are a bit sloppy,

But I still love my Ash

Tayla, age 15, Alaska USA



beware: pretty to   see

poison to eat


A member of the Liliaceae family, the hyacinth (Hyacinthus orientalis) contains dangerous alkaloids that can cause vomiting, diarrhea, depression and tremors in cats and dogs.


Usually one of the first plants to bloom in spring, daffodils (Narcissus spp.), which are also known as jonquils, paper whites and narcissus, contain lycorine and other alkaloids that can be poisonous for dogs and cats. The toxins are mostly in the plant’s bulb and, if ingested, can lead to vomiting, salivation and diarrhea. If your animal ingests large amounts of the plant, signs of toxicity may include cardiac arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats), convulsions/tremors and low blood pressure.


Most of the toxins in tulips (Liliaceae spp.) are concentrated in the bulbs, so if your dog is a digger or your cat frequents your flower beds, you should be especially cautious about keeping this flower out of your garden. Signs of toxicity can include vomiting, diarrhea, excessive drooling and depression..



You may dream of frolicking through a meadow of buttercups (Ranunculus spp.) with your dog or cat, but should your animal nibble on this flower, it could lead to vomiting, diarrhea, anorexia, excessive salivation and a drunken gait.

Dr Tina Wismer, VeterinaryToxicologist

Don't panic!


Get professional help.

  • You may be advised to rush your dog to the nearest vet open

  • A professional may ask you to induce vomiting at home with hydrogen peroxide....

  • If your dog's skin or coat came in contact with a toxin, you may be advised to bathe him

  • You may be asked to call animal poison control 

      National Poisons Information Centre of Ireland,

first aid!





It's not much fun to come home and find your carpet and upholstery strewn with dead dog hair. April's dog gadget could just be the answer to this downside. With the Furminator Tool you can address the issue by spending a few minutes with your animal and running the Furminator down its skin and coat. The manufacturers claim that this tool can reduce shedding by as much as 90 per cent. If it does what it says on the tin (so to speak) this would provide a massive drop in your frustrations. It has a Furejector button that cleans and removes shedding from the Furminator. A useful gadget for keeping your canine well-groomed and free of excessive shedding.

Key features include a durable stainless steel Furejector loose hair cleaner and remover.  It weighs 114gm and costs 60 euro for medium dog long hair.

simply   hair  raising


...what's wrong with dog hair?

Le loup, La Loup

Espérance de vie: Femelle 14 ans

(À l'état sauvage)

Taille: 66 - 81 cms (Adulte, au garrot)​

Longeur: 1.2 - 2m (Adulte)

Vitesse: 50 - 60km/heure

Poids:  Mâle 30 -80kgs (Adulte)

          Femelle 23-55kg (Adulte)​

French Flag Banner

The wolf

Life expectancy, female, 14 years (in the wild)

Height: 66 -81 cms (Adult, withers to toe)

Length of back: 1.2 - 2m (adult)

Speed: 50 - 60km per hour 

Weight: male 30 - 80kg (adult). Female 23 - 55kg (adult)


Il est connu comme le loup blanc                                                             Everyone knows him

Les loupes ne se mangent pas entre eux                                        There is honour among thieves

Quand on parle du loup on en voit la queue                               Talk of the devil and he appears

dog french...


have fun outdoors...


Watching a dog try to chew a large piece of toffee is a pastime fit for gods.  Mr Fusspot's mixed ancestry had given him a dexterity of jaw that was truly awesome.  He somersaulted happily around the floor, making faces like a rubber gargoyle in a washing machine.. 

Terry Prathett, Author, Making Money


Our old dog was too lazy to walk from the living room to the back door so he used to jump in and out the living room window.

This was fine until he forgot where he was and jumped out of my sister's second floor window.

Luckily he managed to land on the roof and sat there shaking like a leaf until we were able to get a ladder and rescue him!

funny thing...