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If this is you

  • live in Dublin or around

  • connect with animals

  • read 'dogs in dublin' eMagazine

  • would like to get to know my dogs and me better

Then, be sure to introduce yourself


from Bernardine

Image by Mike Blank

December Overview 

This month our resident journalist Thomas recommends 'no surprises puppy-wise'.  Diana celebrates canine intelligence in 'character cracker'.

Desmond wishes our dogs a 'hazard free christmas' while Steffi talks about sleep in 'christmas dreams'.


NEW  'my dogs and me' by the editor and 'my pick from archive' selected by a member of the team starting with Thomas Cantwell

This Christmas 'go from ordinary to extraordinary' outdoors with your dog and the wren.

Christmas Box contains 'down by an open gate' by the sublime hand of Agnes Chatfield.

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