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Issue 2  May 2021

PIC Brittney Strange

Emerald is the birthstone for May.

World's most popular green gem.

Green variety of the mineral beryl.

Emeralds range in colour from slightly yellowish green, to pure green, to slightly bluish green.

Pure green emeralds  are the most popular and valuable.

Emerald can be a costly gem. 

Often lacks the high level of clarity that many people desire.


PIC Hans Eiskonen

Taurus star sign dates:

April 20 – May 20

Taurus zodiac symbol:

The Bull - resilience and stubbornness!

Like a bull, can be both frighteningly fierce or serenely gentle.

Taurus element: Earth




jens-johnsson-imamwXQag98-unsplash (1).j
PIC Jens Johnsson
Fluffy Clouds
Met Eireann
Rain Cloud

Week 1

(Monday 03 May to Sunday 09 May)

There’s a strong signal for unsettled conditions over the week, with an active low pressure system moving across Ireland on Monday with a cold and unstable northwesterly airflow establishing in its clearance. With a zonal jet positioned south of Ireland, there is the chance of further depressions feeding in from the Atlantic later in the week. Temperatures will be below average and rainfall amounts above average for the time of year throughout the country. The main hazards will be rainfall on Monday with potential onshore gales bringing a risk of spot flooding. Late season frosts are likely during some of the nights and there’s the potential for thunderstorm activity.


Week 2

(Monday 10 May to Sunday 16 May)

A more settled picture is signalled for Week 2 with high pressure dominating in a mainly light to moderate west to northwest airflow. Still signals though for below average temperatures but likely to be closer to average than in Week 1. Rainfall amounts are expected to be below average for much of the country but more normal amounts in northern areas due to shower activity. The main hazards would be a slight risk of further frosts at night and possible fog forming at night in the slack airflow.

...monthly forecast... only a sense of my walking out conditions...

Week 3

(Monday 17 May to Sunday 23 May)

Week 3 shows a weaker signal for high pressure to the southwest feeding in a northwesterly airflow but temperatures returning to around average for the time of year. Showers will likely be a feature with northwestern areas likely to see above average rainfall with drier than average conditions likely further to the southeast. No significant hazards are indicated at present.


Week 4

(Monday 24 May to Sunday 30 May)

Week 4 shows a signal for more unsettled conditions with a mainly southwesterly airflow. Rain and showers will likely feed in from the Atlantic at times with western and southwestern areas possibly receiving above average rainfall. Temperatures will likely be around average for much of the country. In this setup, the most likely hazards would be wind and rain.


new normal   dogs


Amazing as it may seem there is a common thread which links a garda hunt for dognappers in Cavan to a bad attitude problem affecting the Queen’s corgis in England. It is all about the strains and stresses of the ‘new normal’ (or abnormal, if you prefer) that Covid with its grim succession of lockdowns has imposed on humans and canines alike.

 On the home front because of the pandemic more and more people are buying puppies – and very often expensive ones at that – for companionship and solace as a buttress against the isolation and loneliness that has become a soul destroying part of the Covid reality.  Unfortunately, this presents an excellent opportunity for dog thieves and one highly organised gang did just that recently when they stole a cocker spaniel valued at around 3000 euro in the Coothill area.

 According to the report in the Irish Independent on March 31 a dramatic chase followed first by the owners and then the gardai. The thieves drove the vehicle into a river and fled.  The good news is that the dog not only managed to escape but made his way back to his very relieved owners. There are a lot of dognappings at the moment, gardai warn.  Their advice: make sure your dog is microchipped and don’t let the animal out of your sight.

PIC Jacqueline O'Gara
by Thomas Cantwell (74) Journalist

...I behave...


Another side effect of the pandemic is that dogs are picking up on the frustration, fear, anger and resentment their owners are experiencing during the lockdowns. Also, too much close contact with their owners increases the risk of separation anxiety.  Busy (and even lucrative) times for dog therapists!

 This is a subject addressed In the May edition of Tatler by Francesca Carrington who quotes psychologist Roger Mugford an expert in this area as one of his tasks is to root out bad behaviour and bad attitude mannerisms from the Queen’s corgis. Even these regal canines are not immune to the lockdown blues. Because of the restrictions dogs are just not meeting other dogs and have not experienced ‘free, off-lead socialisation’ for over a year.  Roger says this is a shame as ‘dogs are so overwhelming funny, supportive, empathic – they give so much’.

He warns that when lockdown ends and the owners go back to work this will cause a serious separation crisis for many dogs. His solution is for people to take their animals to work with them.

However, as Francesca points out in her article ‘easier perhaps, if you happen to be the queen’!

 PIC Fatty Corgi

PIC Background Mark de Jong

The Pug - a lot of dog in a small space. This sturdy, compact dog is known as the clown of the canine world due to a great sense of humour and a penchant to show off.

 Originally bred to be lap dogs, Pugs thrive on human companionship. They’re highly sensitive, and not into being left home alone much.  Pugs are happy and affectionate, loyal and charming, playful and mischievous. They are very intelligent so can be stubborn, which makes training challenging.

Comical flat round face, with deep wrinkles around big, dark eyes, the Pug is a clown at heart, but with dignity.  

Square and thickset, Pugs usually weigh between 6 and 8kgs (male and female). Generally, they are 25 to 36cms tall at the shoulder.

The moles on a Pug's cheeks are called "beauty spots." His muzzle or mask is black, with a clearly defined "thumb mark" on the forehead and a black trace down the centre of the back. Ears smooth, black and velvety.  Characteristic undershot jaw (the lower teeth extend slightly beyond the upper teeth) and a tightly curled tail

Pugs have a short, double coat, and are known for shedding profusely.

While Pugs can be good watchdogs, they aren't inclined to be "yappy". If trained and well-socialized, they get along well with other animals and children.  A small quiet breed relatively inactive when indoors. Due to the flat shape of the Pug's face, he does not do well in extremely hot or cold weather, and should be kept indoors.


Like every dog, the Pug needs early socialization — exposure to many different people, sights, sounds, and experiences — when they're young. Socialization helps ensure that your Pug puppy grows up to be a well-rounded dog.




Pugs originated in China, dating back to the Han dynasty (B.C. 206 to A.D. 200). Some historians believe they are related to the Tibetan Mastiff. They were prized by the emperors of China and lived in luxurious accommodations, sometimes even being guarded by soldiers.

Evidence of Pug-like dogs has been found in ancient Tibet and Japan.

Reportedly, the first Pugs brought to Europe came with the Dutch traders, who named the breed Mopshond, a name still used today.

Pugs quickly became favourites of royal households throughout Europe, and even played a role in the history of many of these families. In Holland, the Pug became the official dog of the House of Orange. 

Queen Victoria had many Pugs, and also bred them.


PIC  Jorge Zapata

lucas-santos-eo7CurL0Tg8-unsplash (1).jp

PIC  Lucus Santos

Pugs are generally healthy, but like all breeds, they're prone to certain health conditions. Because their eyes are so prominent, Pugs are prone to eye injuries.

In short, Pugs are greedy eaters and will overeat if given the chance. They need constant human companionship.  Pugs wheeze, snort and snore, loudly.

TEXT Ideas of

teach your dog to sit

Sit Position with a bait

The bait is often the easiest for most dog owners to start with. A bait is using something your dog wants, like a treat or a toy, to guide them into the desired position. The motion you make with the bait to encourage your dog into a sit will become smaller with practice and eventually become the hand signal for your dog's sit. The goal is to be able to fade out a bait in your dog's training.



Step One: Hold a small training treat in your hand (or between your fingers if you're working with a smaller dog).

Step Two: Place the hand with the treat very close to your dog's nose so they can smell you've got something yummy!
Step Three: Slowly move your hand from your dog's nose towards their forehead. They will most likely follow the hand with their nose, causing them to lower their backend to the floor.
Step Four: Once their rear hits the floor, give them the treat and say ‘good’ while they're in the sit position!
Step Five: Repeat!
Step Six: With practice, your dog will anticipate what you're asking for when you start to move the bait. When you notice your dog's sits happening more quickly and not needing the full bait, it's time to move on to adding the verbal cue and fading out the hand bait.




Adding a Verbal Cue for Sit

Step One: First, make sure your dog is "getting" the sit behaviour with just the hand bait. If not, practice this more before adding the verbal cue.
Step Two: Before you use the bait movement, say "sit." Bait your dog into their sit, then treat and say ‘good’ as you have been doing.
Step Three: Repeat! With repetition, your dog is making the association of the word "sit" with the action of sitting. You're naming the behaviour for your dog.


Fading Out the Hand Bait for Sit

Do a little sit "quiz" with your dog.  Just to get an idea if your pup has made the association between the word and the action. Stand completely still with no bait or hand signal in front of your dog. Say "sit" just once. Your dog will either:

Sit: If they sit, treat and say ‘good’! Give them lots of praise!
Not Sit: If they don't sit, that's okay! Try giving them a smaller version of the bait to encourage them to sit. Go back to the adding a verbal cue steps for more practice before quizzing again.


Practice Your Dog's Sit in Different Places

Once your dog is responding to just the verbal cue to sit, it's time to take your practice out and about! Try asking your dog to sit in different rooms of your home, outside in the yard, or while on a walk. This is called generalization of a cue.

Keep using treats as a reward for your pup while adding in distractions to your training. It can be hard for your dog to concentrate when there's lots of activity (like a squirrel) around them. Treats are usually the easiest way to get and keep their attention.


Start to Fade Out Training Treats

While you continue practicing your dog's sit, you can begin to phase out the use of training treats.

What if...

What if your dog keeps jumping instead of sitting for the treat? This is usually because the bait is being held too high above or far away from their nose. If they jump up instead of sitting, lower your hand and try to keep it nice and close to their nose while they're in a standing position.

What if your dog backs up instead of sitting? This also is often due to placement and movement of the bait.  If you move that hand too quickly, many dogs will back up. Try to move your bait slowly and smoothly from their nose to their forehead.

What if your dog isn't interested in the bait? Consider if you're using a treat that's motivating enough for your dog. You can change to a higher value training treat, or try again when they might be more hungry. Maybe change tack. Switch to a baitless technique if working with a dog that's not interested in baits.

PRO TIP: If your dog doesn't sit when asked because they are too distracted, simply add distance between you and the distraction before trying again.  


PIC Drew Hays
TEXT Ideas of  Cathy Madson

Use real life rewards for a dog that sits when asked — such as opening the door to go outside for a walk, or greeting them and giving them scratches and praise when they sit. When playing fetch or tug, rewarding the sit with another throw of the toy or engaging in more tug.

PIC Sacha Verheij month...SIT NO BAIT!
Tom Schirmacher.jpg

PIC  Angelo Pantazis


summer fashion

While it may seem folly to dress your dog when the weather is hot, there are designer dog clothes specially made to keep the canine from overheating, even in the hottest summer weather.

The best part is that you can show off your ‘precious’ in stylish outfits designed for your loved one’s comfort and ease of movement. So, what’s wrong with trendy dog clothes?


...all so zany!

PIC Tom Schirmacher
PIC Marco Lopez

Aside from increasing their range of vision and level of comfort in bright conditions, dog sunglasses can also protect their eyes from dirt, wind, water, branches, and other irritants. And, these glasses are especially useful for old dogs and those with eye problems.

Most of all, these glasses make luxury dog clothes look extra dapper. Who said you couldn't combine function and high fashion?  All you need is courage!

Generally speaking, dogs don't need sunglasses like humans do to prevent UV light from damaging the eyes. As it turns out, doggy sunglasses can be used to protect your dog's eyes from much more than the sun.

PIC Background Sean O



The actor (77) says he’s grown up around dogs as he talks about his new adventure film, “Call Of The Wild”.

“You give them affection, companionship and in turn, they will love you,” the handsome man says of dogs. Ford spends plenty of time opposite a dog named Buck in the live-action and animation hybrid based on Jack London’s classic.


Harrison Ford has always had a canine companion.


TEXT by Rachel West AM ET Canada  

PIC Film 'Call of the Wild'
PIC Harrison Ford with horse and dog

How Alpha matters!  PIC Thomas Bonometti

...move over

Romeo and Julliet!

 PIC Yannick Menard 

Ever wondered where the dog’s renowned capacity to love comes from?  Commitment.  Loyalty.  Dependability.  Warmth of soul feeling.  Bond.

Certainly not from the grass!

yannick-menard-rRgUtMpM1uw-unsplash (1).

'In addition to a trend toward monogamy, wolves develop such strong social bonds for their family and other loved ones, they have been known to sacrifice themselves for the survival of the pack/family unit.'  

'Of course it is typically only the alpha male and female that breed, leaving the rest of the adult pack members to help rear the young and ensure their survival.'

QUOTED TEXT Peter Davis Krahenbuhl

'True Love💕

Once a wolf has found a mate, they tend to stay together for better or worse, through sickness and health, often until death them part.'



PIC Linda Kazares

PIC Background J W Smith



...sometimes success is so much more than winning awards...


Cartoon Saloon Kilkenny, founder Tomm Moore

Ross Stewart , co-director of the Oscar nominated Wolfwalkers spouts 'it's all a little surreal’ to be nominated in the prestigious awards for the first time.

Wolfwalkers was nominated for an academy award in the best animated feature film category.


He said it’s difficult to pinpoint why the film has been such an international success but lockdown may have played a huge role.

‘Maybe it’s a bit of escapism in this time of a pandemic where you’re stuck at home and really you are transported to a different time.  Everyone had a childhood dream of turning into an animal and going off and having adventures , so that’s always a plus for Wolfwalkers.’

Set in 17th century Cromwellian Ireland it tells the story of Robyn Goodfellows, a young apprentice hunter who comes to Ireland with her father with the intention of wiping out the last wolf pack until things take an unexpected turn.

Irish Independent 16 March 2021

New accounts by the Kilkenny based firm show that revenue increased by a staggering 39% in 2019

‘We're delighted that Apple tv has acquired Wolfwalkers and we are working with a broad range of studios and platforms and currently have a film project in production for Netflix’ Gerry Shirren, MD of Cartoon Saloon

Work force circa 150

We are really appreciative and humbled by the fact that Wolfwalkers has had 66 award nominations to date worldwide and won 21 awards already.

Irish Independent 14 April 2021


beware: pretty to   see

poison to eat


Dogs have the potential to turn our concept of a beautiful garden into a yard in no time at all!  Creating a sensory garden for the dog is a way of retaining the beauty, albeit on dog terms!  Natural sensory stimulation can impact positively on dog behaviour and wellbeing.


TEXT Ideas of

...a sensory garden 

for you and your dog...

PIC Hiro Takashima

Dogs thrive on enriching and stimulating natural environments, just like we do.  Grass alone is not enough!          

Enter dog-friendly landscaping.  Help decrease boredom. Encourage natural behaviours.

Some simple things to do to set off their senses.

Check your boundaries. Ensure all fencing surrounding your garden is intact and secure. Check where foxes could have dug underneath a fence where your dog could slip out.

As you’ll be encouraging your dog to spend more time outside interacting with nature, you will also want to check that your garden doesn’t already contain any plants which are harmful to dogs. 

(see April edition of dogs in dublin)

PIC Background Dorne Marting
Next month...the impact of lavender, rosemary, mint and lemon balm on the canine psyche
PIC Tim Cooper

A dog and his bone

by John Williams
pi5rRr7yT.gif that is a real question...

A dog and his bone was on the roam,

Where can I find this bone a home?

Will I bury it next to the tree?

No, too easy for others to see.

What about next to the garden shed?

Maybe in the middle of the garden bed,

Behind the sty where the pigs all are,

What about somewhere right away far.


I think I know what I will do,

I’ll just sit down and have a chew,

Tomorrow will be another new day,

I’ll find a spot then for the bone to stay.

PIC Background Michael Dziedzic
PIC Antony Delanoix

dog french...

Chien, Chienne


Chienne de vie

Life’s a bitch !

Bon chien chasse de race

Good breeding always tells


Arriver comme un chien dans un jeu de quilles

To turn up at just the wrong moment

Chien méchant

Beware of the dog

Un regard de chien battu

A hangdog expression

PIC Background Catherine Verrecchia

Il menace beaucoup, mais chien qui aboie ne mord pas

His bark is worse than his bite

Agnes is Irish. 
Married to an English man. 
Lives in Melbourne, Australia with her family.  She loves to write!
Ouch! Wonder can things hurt more than a bite... the way you write Agnes!
PIC Slava Abramovich

down under

when the dog bites…

by Agnes Chatfield

It was a distressing experience and I don’t know why she didn’t talk to the man.


Some weeks ago Anne, our eldest, was walking in the street.   There was a man coming in the opposite direction and he had a dog with him.  As they passed by the dog bit Anne on the upper thigh!  Painful!


Home she went.  Got the car out.  Drove to the surgery to get a tetanus jab.


Days later when she told us I felt concerned.  Asked if she talked to the dog owner.  She decided against.


I wouldn’t know but my friend Ellen reckons that the man was aware of his dog’s bite!

PIC Background Linda Zu

Misty in Bray

chez nous...

PIC Misty,
taken in Ballyboden
PIC Laura Danova

sticks and stones!

by Patricia Garavan

I had sunglasses on.  It was a lovely hot day.  I was in Bray with my dog Misty.


At the end of the beach, down the steps, Misty ran into the water.  I called her a few times but she did not come back.  Instead, she started to go up onto the stones.


While I waited for her to return, a man and woman took my arm.  They helped me up on to the stones.  To my mortification, they thought I was blind.  I was too shy to say otherwise.  They were very nice.


As soon as they went, I ran to my car.  Homeward bound with my dog Misty.

PIC Conor Luddy
PIC Background Alex Madrzyk
Great stuff Patricia!
...goes to show
to offer help
be on the ball...

it's my party...

Revelling Ricky 

Happy Birthday, Ricky!

A birthday slot for dogs?  An excellent suggestion from Joe who lives in Sutton and he sent us a pic of their family dog Ricky asking if we would wish their lovable Westie a happy Birthday.

“He was born on May 16 three years ago and originally belonged to my brother Keith”, Joe explains.  “But when he moved to Australia in 2019 he gave us  his dog and Ricky has been a big hit with our children Ruth (12) and Earl (14) ever since.

What makes Ricky so special to us is that he is so affectionate and gentle and the children adore him. They would love to see his photo in dogs in dublin.”

No problem at all Joe. Now, thanks to your great idea we will have a Doggy Birthday section every month. 

So, to all our readers out there if your dog has a birthday in June send us a photo and a few words about what makes him or her so special to you.

Edited by Thomas Cantwell
PIC Background Erwan Hesry

How about this gadget? Go explore the claims of Petfon and Tractive? Seems to be like employee productivity software in the office to me!


...keeping track...


Petfon GPS tracker

combines GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, long-distance wireless technologies

Track dog’s activity and location in real time


Device to locate your dog faster and more accurately in Wifi intensive areas

E-fence Petfon monitors dogs location via mobile app

Sound and light alarm emits colourful lights to focus on the dog at night

Durable and Waterproof

Working distance up to 5.6kms

Battery performance 8-16 hours depending on the distance between you and the dog

Standard accessories – controller, tracker, 2 loops, 2 band, portable charging box

Easy to use

Download Petfon app

PetFon Pet GPS Tracker, no monthly fee, 177 euro


Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker


Follow your dog from the comfort of your phone with a Tractive GPS tracker.


With their GPS collar on you’ll always see your dog’s exact location wherever he is in the world.

Live tracking mode for location updates every 2-3 seconds

Virtual Fence set safe zones find out the moment they leave one of them, know when they’re back safely

World wide coverage

100% waterproof and shock resistant. 

Battery life up to 5 days. 

Unlimited range.

Pet friendly lightweight design

49.99 euro + Subscription fee


...what happened to the freeom to be me out here?

PIC Background Miikka Luotio

funny thing...

PIC Honest Paws

I was taking my dog to his monthly veterinary appointment and left myself plenty of time for the journey (it’s a Friday night, rush hour etc). I arrived at my destination pleased there was very little traffic and we had plenty of time to spare – too much time in fact. Anyway, because I’m early I figure I’ll take him inside in the hope they could possibly see him earlier than scheduled. We walk into the familiar, cosy, little waiting room thrilled to find it empty and blindly ignoring the confused looks and furrowed brows of the receptionists. Up I go with a cheery ‘Hello, I know we’re early but…’ to be greeted by a wall of silence. Still the penny didn’t drop. Not until the massive grinning face of my very own GP appears around the corner do I realise I haven’t taken Bucky the 15 miles to his vets but taken him the four miles to my own doctor’s surgery. I just about managed to stutter ‘Oh b******s’ before being escorted back to my car by my GP who is practically on his knees laughing.

TEXT Lisa, Lemington Spa, UK
PIC Background Christopher Boswell

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Just to say special thanks to Expert Hardware, Rathmines

for being proactive with our cards...

...The Business Depot, 278 Harold's Cross Road, June and Nuala give our cards a cosy home in their shop and tell us that they fly out of the place...
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